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to masterbate (woman)
you mean you've never double clicked your mouse? <american pie
ayon kay buzzworthy0112 ika-04 ng Enero, 2004
122 33
To ejaculate, in mid-orgasm, into at least two orifices consecutively.
We were fucking doggy style and I did a double click in her pussy and ass.
ayon kay Double Clicker ika-16 ng Hunyo, 2011
5 4
Taking two tokes in concession without passing to other members of the toking circle.

Secondary definition - to takeout of turn.

Also: double clicking, double clicked.
Person 1: you just took a toke.
Person 2: so.
Person 1: don't double click I want a toke!

Second example

Person cuts in line, "hey man, don't double click end of the line."
ayon kay MGDnweed ika-17 ng Hunyo, 2011
7 9
Double-clicking is the term used for someone fancying someone. You actually 'double-click' to show that someone fancies someone.
I think I *double-click* her.
You so double-click him!
ayon kay secreet;)<3 ika-07 ng Pebrero, 2011
6 14
To drill deeper into a subject.
"That's an interesting thought. Let's double click on it for a moment and see what we can come up with!"
ayon kay Adam Herscher ika-05 ng Setyembre, 2005
15 46
The only true way to get the ladies. Performed by gracefully jumping and clicking your heels twice in the air.
Nate is the master of the double click.
ayon kay m00p_d0gg ika-02 ng Marso, 2005
20 58