Big rims, wheels.
Damn! Look'a dem dukies on that whip.
ayon kay Slim Nasty ika-30 ng Hulyo, 2003
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The term used for a Duke fan.

Only considered offensive when spelled Dookie.

Yeah, I'm a Dukie, what?
ayon kay Dana S. ika-08 ng Nobyembre, 2005
To modify a forum database into FUBAR.
Jake dukied the forum and now the forum is dead.
ayon kay midgetchucker ika-08 ng Oktubre, 2010
A big poop!
Dont go in the bano I just took a smelly dukie!
ayon kay Ben Affleck ika-11 ng Agosto, 2003
An original-oldschool old-timer construction worker's term for lunchbox. During this era, dukies were made from tin, and the thermoses had glass liners in them.
As horseplay and pranks were overlooked on the job in the old days, a man's dukie was definitely off limits, as much as his vehicle, home and family, by (honor). Now, a guy wouldn't hesitate to steal your lunch or your meds, let alone your wallet or your phone if he had half a much for (union brotherhood).....
ayon kay worldhead ika-12 ng Nobyembre, 2009
An extra disgusting-brand of crap. Possibly causing one to lose a pound or two.
"Dude, I dropped a pound and a half with the trout I just dropped."

"Flush the dukie man, and light a match!"
ayon kay Hadraniel ika-10 ng Enero, 2005
A word synonymous with, hella, too, a lot,
What is that a bug? It's dukie big
ayon kay MacDose314 ika-30 ng Setyembre, 2009
An endearing nickname for a loved one.
Dukie, be careful when you go skydiving - I'd hate for you to get hurt.
ayon kay kaen! ika-28 ng Abril, 2004

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