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a Fine aSS FEmale
damn!!!!!!!! look AT Nasasha!!!! she look good .. shes a fuckin dyme!
ayon kay Nasasha ika-02 ng Disyembre, 2003
a girl who rates a 10 in every-thing; a good wifey
Christina Milian was Nick Cannon's dyme-piece, until he cheated of course
ayon kay Bria aka Pimp til i die player till they bury me ika-17 ng Abril, 2006
a chick tahts a fine piece of work she a cute shorty thats sexy and got a nice ass.
emmanuel: damn look at victoira

matt:i know right shorties a dyme piece, i'd love to hit that

emmanuel: i already did last night
ayon kay Victoria aka lady V ika-09 ng Agosto, 2006