a blck or african person who is an emo they may be caught in between hip-hop and rock music they do not need to grow up in a white neighbourhood to become this.they do not concider themselves goin thru an identity crisis coz they hate stereotyps that were placed on how black ppl r supposed to bhave...they find themselves more attracted to whites or neone with a white (emo)image.the girls may be skinny and may love it despite not having a booty...like other blck women
i concider my self an emo nigga
ayon kay estherlyimo ika-03 ng Hunyo, 2007
Top Definition
A majestic creature that nobody has ever seen. Not even the all powerful google can obtain even one accurate picture on these beings.
John: I was watching the discovery channel when they showed an emo nigga.

Bob: Stop lying.
ayon kay Mister Ilya ika-07 ng Enero, 2009
The kinda niggaz you see on skateboards not like pharell...
But like those niggaz wearing black and chains and shit.

The niggaz that cut them selfs in dark corners where nobody can see a nigga...Those dark chocolate motha fuckaz...

Those Wack Niggas that grew up in a white

neighbourhood.That when they go to compton and they get cut.....

(The guys wear girls pants too ..just thought i might add that shit)

(haha get it Emo's cut them self, fuckin faggots)

That listen to billy talent and shit....(Search Fefe Dobson)
Real Nigga: Yo nigga you comin to that NWA Reunited Concert.

Emo Nigga: No I'm Going to the My Chemical Romance Concert.

Real Nigga: Ok?,(rolls eyes) Do you wanna go to KFC.

Emo Nigga: Thanks for the offer but my mom packed me lunch.

Real Nigga: What she pack you.

Emo Nigga: Wonder bread with alot of Mayo and processed cheese.

Real Nigga: Man you a fake nigga, Actually you a Dark Chocolate Emo Nigga Mutha Fucka.

Emo Nigga: (pulls out a razor blade and puts it to his wrist).Im gonna cut(while crying)...

Real Nigga: Why do i even talk to you,Cry me a river.

Emo Nigga: Im telling mom (cuts himself and passes out)..

Real Nigga: (Steals his wallet)Goes to KFC...
ayon kay Sean .A Eren .A ika-17 ng Abril, 2007
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