Way for absolutely ANY girl (be it teacher, classmate, boss, co-worker, hell even the girl who works the late shift at burger king) to give you selfrighteous bullshit for a full halfhour about rights and discrimination when you've never done anything to a girl in your life and half the shit she's talking about never even concerned her and happened before you were even born. This generaly results in everyone within earshot to look down on you when 97% of the time you didn't even say anything wrong.

Many people are victims of this everyday but can do nothing because the moral highground has been stolen by whichever women pulled feminism on you.
John- "hey gary why the long face?"

gary- "last night I was talking about the olympics with amy and she asked why the men and women had separate events, I just said it was cause otherwise it wouldn't be fair, but she pulled feminism on me and locked me out of the flat cause she said I was a pig..."

John- "I feel ya man, we've all been there"
ayon kay Bluearcticmonkey ika-11 ng Nobyembre, 2011
what happened when a bunch of women learned theres an outside world other then the kitchen. so the moral of this is to nail down your fucking doggy doors!!!
mary: i support feminism
joe:*pimpslap* get back in the kitchen and make me a sammich
ayon kay [sammich lord!!!!] ika-26 ng Marso, 2010
1. A word that there are too many exessively long definitions for.

2. A funny joke. Women exist to take penis, bear children and cook.
Stop making long definitions of feminism, no-one bothers to read them.
ayon kay starky ika-25 ng Agosto, 2007
The belief that women are superior to men. In order to maintain credibility among the general population, this belief is usually portrayed as making women equal to men. This is false, as women are not equal to men. This is called biology. Women are the intellectual equals of men and have always been treated as such, feminism seeks to make women "equal" in other ways, usually by demonisng men at every turn.
A woman chops a man's penis off because he wants a divorce, woman is celebrated.
A man asks a woman for coffee, man is a rapist somehow.
Isn't feminism wonderful..?
ayon kay iamthemoon ika-31 ng Hulyo, 2011
Political and cultural movement aimed at gaining equal rights & priviledges for women. This definition differs slightly, but significantly, from the standard definition: movement for equal rights between men & women. For example, the issue of shared custody would definitely refer to equal treatment for both sexes, but is not popular among feminists. Neither is the issue of boys falling behind girls in school. This is not to say that feminism is about man hating, which is a misconception that some women, as well as men, have. Women, who use equal rights rhetoric to dis men, are not really being feminists.
We can thank feminism for laws against sexual harassment in the workplace. She thinks she's a feminist because she says all men are jerks.
ayon kay doctor schu ika-15 ng Agosto, 2011
Feminism can be divided into two categories:
1. Human rights feminism. This is feminism which advocates for equal rights and opportunities to be available to women in the law and government. This is based upon the basic right that no one deserves to be unfairly treated by the courts or lose their personal rights. It defends the rights to property, voting, and civil liberties. This type of feminism occurred in America in the 1900s and was one of the more mainstream feminism ideologies in the 60s 70s but has since given way to more modern forms of feminism in America, although it is beginning to occur in many theocracies.
2. Modern feminism. This is the radically politically correct form of feminism. It encourages the idea that both the male and female gender are either equal (or can be equal) in every possible way or the female gender is inherently superior. Many modern feminists argue that women are more intelligent than men, ignoring factual and scientific evidence. They ignore the fact that the female brain is considerably smaller than the male’s in both volume, weight, and brain cell content. They also “overlook” the fact that there have been no great female artists and few great female scientists. They use a “one or two” approach in PC rallies, using the few great female scientists such as Elizabeth Blackwell and small time artists as poster girls for their cause of female superiority. They ignore the larger ratio of male scientists and artists and brand their opponents as sexists (the politicians with the fundamentalists).
Modern feminism also encourages the idea that loose women should be as respectable and admirable as womanizers. They attempt to back this idea and stifle their insecurities by claiming the female orgasm is superior to the male’s. Despite these claims, scientific and societal evidence has proved otherwise, as women do not orgasm as often as males nor is their orgasm as fulfilling as the male’s, as proven by polls and pop culture and that women have traditionally been the providers of the pleasure in intercourse and men the receivers (as proven by 5000 years of culture and 500 million years of evolution). It is overall degrading to women because its PC approach advocates a positive handicap for women in careers and society, and that women should act unnaturally and attempt to completely ignore their instincts. While human rights feminism is based upon factual evidence, modern feminism is based upon bigotry and “literature.”
1. Human rights feminism: women advocating for the right to drive in Saudi Arabia; Women demanding the right to vote in 19th- early 20th century America.
2. Modern feminism: 3rd wave feminists claiming that stripping is empowering for women; Feminists trying to reverse gender roles in marriage; Feminists claiming that the average female is more intelligent than the average male.
ayon kay Mr. 1000 ika-18 ng Hunyo, 2006
The radical notion that women are people too.
I support feminism to a degree.. Those extremists are just crazy, though. Ever notice the word history? HIS-STORY? We're not going to change it to satisfy the ravaging lust for equal everything.
ayon kay NewSlang07 ika-23 ng Hunyo, 2007

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