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A Forum Run by Aaron.
FG's server is running as slow as shit AS USUAL.
ayon kay jimbob jones ika-14 ng Agosto, 2003
Going down on a girl with hopes of reciprocation, when instead she says she is going to the bathroom and never comes back.
"Oh man, I was pretty sure a bj was in the cards with Jenny but it ended up being Fool's Gold."

"I put in my time but all I got was Fool's Gold."
ayon kay Moopers ika-31 ng Marso, 2008
The appearance of corn in your stool when you drop a deuce the day after eating said corn.
Dam Steve I didn't realize how much corn I ate at the BBQ yesterday. I pinched a loaf this morning and it was littered with fool's gold.
ayon kay Kazooo13 ika-07 ng Mayo, 2013
A bowl of resin that is covered with kif in order to trick your friends.
My friend frowned as he realized that he was smoking fools gold.
ayon kay Bound to the flo ika-27 ng Oktubre, 2009
a man dressed up as a woman,(used as an adjective to thwart a horny unknowing male from hitting on a cross-dressing male)
Man 1:"Yo that bitch over there be flyyyy"
Man 2:"Yo brutha, slow your roll...that shit is some fool's gold over there."
ayon kay kevin t. ika-12 ng Abril, 2003
Urinating in your partner's asshole (can be done post-anal sex or just for kicks)
"I gave Charlene a wicked Fool's Gold last night, right after I blasted her ass."
ayon kay hotballz ika-07 ng Abril, 2009
an unexpected variation of the hot lunch; post-coital anal sex in which semen dribbles onto the chest of one's partner
mary went looking for fun but steve instead served up a hot dish of fools gold
ayon kay foolio-pc ika-30 ng Enero, 2007