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This is the name of the slash pairing of a threesome that is comprised of Travis McCoy,lead vocalist and big sexy m/f of Gym Class Heroes, William Beckett, lead vocalist, and willowy thin sexy m/f of The Academy Is, and cute, effusive, Gabe Saporta formerly the bassist for Midtown and now the mastermind behind the group Cobra Starship

Gabe, William, and Travis collaborated on the title track of the movie Snakes on a Plane with Maja, lead singer for The Hush Sounds All of which are part of the Fueled By Raman family who brought the festival of gay that is one Pete Wentz and his band Fall Out Boy to all the good girls and boys of the slash reading world.

Perhaps the best, and I do mean the very best part of this word is that one of the guys in the slash group actually coined it. Upon seeing a fan wearing a home-made Treckett shirt and having her explain what it meant, Gabe Saporta immediately responded: "See, my question is where do I fall into that? I don't see a Greckett or TreckGabe..."

Fucking. Awesome.
Fangirl 1: "Beckett with boys is hot to death."

Fangirl 2: "Yes, I agree but nothing owns like Treckett. That's my OTP, big time!"

Fangirl 1: "True, true, but my OT3 is definately Greckett, that's Treckett with Gabe Saporta from Midtown. It's all I want to read nowadays."

Fangirl 2: "Damn, ... got a linky?"
ayon kay SquallCloud ika-26 ng Nobyembre, 2006

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