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Something you wear on ur head to keep the son out of your eyes.

Something used by baseball players(most are on steroids)
My hat fell off when the wind blew and the sun hurt my eyes
ayon kay JoJo566 ika-04 ng Hunyo, 2006
2 10
Unwanted, disliked, not welcomed; usually forced upon someone by figures of authority.

Can be used in place of similar words to signify dislike, i.e. Instead of 'Help-desk' you could use 'Hat-Desk'
He shits on our heads and we say thanks for the hat!

Chewy is the HAT!
ayon kay ra ika-26 ng Nobyembre, 2003
2 10
a condom (used mainly by teenagers)
Don't forget to wear a hat before you do it.
ayon kay The Return of Light Joker ika-27 ng Marso, 2008
3 13
The slur for Orthadox Jew. Derived from the big back hats that they wear. Also derived from the yarmulke.
ayon kay wicked ika-15 ng Agosto, 2003
0 10
the foreskin on a penis
poor Jake has no hat
ayon kay Rilo ika-08 ng Agosto, 2003
3 13
To everyone else: A covering for the head.
To parents: A magical cham that prevents people from getting colds.
Mom: Where's your hat?
Me: I wear a hood
Mom: That's not good enough
(tanslation: nothing but a hat can ward off the evil of colds)
ayon kay Kevin ika-19 ng Pebrero, 2006
8 20
a unit of measure - superior to " INCHES " or " CENTIMETERS "
pete's dick is 7 hats long - wish mine was as big as that
ayon kay bluescreenbastard ika-27 ng Agosto, 2005
0 12