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CS player who smacked sum 1 4 askin 4 a bit of his burger what a doof. Oh and he is mint but is from swedon so...
i am heaton i like nike
ayon kay kingpin ika-16 ng Oktubre, 2004
21 55
a severe form of scaring rug burn typically found on the knee(s).
I got a heaton on my knees last night from humping on the floor.
ayon kay Jrockati ika-26 ng Setyembre, 2007
108 31
The Worlds Greatest CS Player from sweden. Has been on 3 of 5 CPL winning teams. His girlfriend who is hot plays counter-strike also called "Lollopop" although he is very good, Potti tends to be around the hotel rooms in the mornings as they leave for there next lan trips.........
Dont ever pull a Heaton on me again or ill have to pull my Ksharp skills out on you
ayon kay Nred* ika-23 ng Agosto, 2003
137 115
Doing a heaton , means getting drunk and generally being a legend.
'Haha that guy over there is doing a heaton !'

'Awh look at mr drunky over there , he's turning into quite the heaton ! '

'Dude , stay out of the road ! ' -'Its alright , im a heaton ! '

'Im gonna get my heaton on tonight !'
ayon kay geoffery leonard. ika-28 ng Abril, 2010
24 10
drunkenness; having too much alcohol and acting stupid as a result
"Look at Stephanie stumbling all over the place!"

"Yeah, she must have a pitiful heat on."
ayon kay reindeer25865 ika-25 ng Disyembre, 2009
8 1
THE counterstrike GOD!!!

known as NiP-HeatoN
you see heaton pwn those noobs in aztec
ayon kay llmmjtto ika-06 ng Disyembre, 2003
73 73
Peem who is sposedly the best cs player in the world... (rofl)


Omg i got pwned by Heaton he pwns
ayon kay Snakey^ ika-11 ng Hunyo, 2003
14 58