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A fan term used for actor Tom Hiddleston, in which his last name is abbreviated. Used as a term of affection by his fans.
Wasn't Hiddles just so adorable in Suburban Shootout?
#hiddles #tom hiddleston #fangirl #fan #nickname
ayon kay becausehiddles ika-20 ng Hunyo, 2011
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To go on a journey in an indirect fashion. Similar to toodling around.
Let's just hiddle on over to the restaurant since we're not in a hurry.
#toodle #ramble #piddle #travel #wander
ayon kay Gabi S. ika-22 ng Disyembre, 2006
A very rare human being, large eyes and very strange features.
John Major
ayon kay Will ika-28 ng Nobyembre, 2003
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