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A response to being accused of trippin. Similar in meaning to "No shit!" "I swear to god!" "I'm not kidding!"
"Son, you are straight trippin if you think you're gonna hit that shit."

"I ain't trippin! Watch me work my magic, fool!"
ayon kay Danny Delinquent ika-23 ng Disyembre, 2003
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a response of passive aquiescense
Larsen: "Ay, wanna go smoke swishers in front of Eli's house?"

Translation: "A thought just occured to me; would you be interested in engaging in tobacco product consumption on the premises of our fine friend, Eli's, property."

Phillip: "I ain't trippin."

Translation: "I have no objections."
ayon kay Mikedereklarsen ika-02 ng Hulyo, 2005
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