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When anally raped and the resulting tearing requires the victim to get stitches.
Bubba's gunna give you a jailhouse c-section.

When playing Starcraft, Novawar usually gets a jailhouse c-section.
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ayon kay Mysticbucket ika-03 ng Nobyembre, 2012
Slang term used by jailhouse inmates to describe a medical procedure to give one's anus stitches as a result of the anal raping given by an African-American inmate, due to the size of the average African-American penis.

All credits go to NovaWar, a Starcraft 2 commentator from Life's a Glitch TV, who came up with the phrase as a joke about related topics in a game that he was commentating, titled, "So Close That Kermit Arrived -- Starcraft 2 LAGTV"
The video can be found on YouTube.
Thanks to Big Bubba giving me the raping of my life, I must now go to the infirmary to receive my Jailhouse C-Section.
#butthole stitches #ass staples #the big bubba sealant #the gaping anus fastener #the bloody stool clean-up
ayon kay casnasty ika-03 ng Nobyembre, 2012
Getting raped so hard in jail by a huge black dick that your asshole requires stitches.
Jeff: How was your 5-year sentence?

Adam: Terrible. Bubba gave me a jailhouse C-section everyday.
#jailhouse #c-section #rape #huge-black-dick #novawar
ayon kay TheIronGiant ika-03 ng Nobyembre, 2012
n. While incarcerated, being sodomized by a cellmate of African origin with an erection of such extraordinary size that it tears the receiver's anal orifice, requiring stitches.

--Coined by Novawar of LifesAGlitchTV on a SC2 cast video "So Close That Kermit Arrived" 11/2/2012
Bubba just gave Jeff a jailhouse c-section and now he's bleeding out his ass!
#lagtv #novawar #maximusblack #jailhouse c-section #anal sex #sodomy #cornhole #jailhouse rape #bugger
ayon kay skeletorfarnsworth ika-03 ng Nobyembre, 2012
An anal raping of such severity that surgical sutures would be required for recovery.

The term was coined by NovaWar on November 3, 2012 on the YouTube channel of LifesAGlitchTV's episode "So Close That Kermit Arrived -- Starcraft 2 LAGTV".

Big Bubba with his big black dick took homeboy's buhymen and gave him a jailhouse c-section.
#lagtv #lifesaglitchtv #novawar #maximusblack #bahymen #butthymen #jailhouse c section #starcraft 2 #sc2 #when cheese fails
ayon kay FiveCardArmy ika-03 ng Nobyembre, 2012
Being raped in jail by another inmate, that causes the tearing of the anus. May also cause a tear that could be considered a new anus.
Bubba is gonna give you a jailhouse C-section when you get there.
#jailhouse caesarean section #jail house c-section #jailhouse caesarean #jail c-section #jail caesarean #new anus #tear a new asshole #novawar #computerplayer1 #lagtv
ayon kay Me116 ika-03 ng Nobyembre, 2012
The act of being anally raped by a large black penis in prison. -Adam of LagTV
When Steven went to jail, he got a Jailhouse C-Section from Big Bubba.
#raped #anal #anally #penis #lagtv
ayon kay LAGTV Fan #1 ika-03 ng Nobyembre, 2012
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