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1. (1509-1537) The third wife of Henry VIII, his favorite wife since she gave him a healthy son. Henry had Anne Boleyn beheaded on false charges of adultery, witchcraft, and incest so he could marry Jane, who had refused to be his concubine and would only give herself to him as his wife.

Jane Seymour was never crowned as queen since Henry wanted her to do her duty first: produce a son.

Jane advocated on behalf of Mary Tudor, to whom she was politically and personally loyal, and for the protesting English Catholics, but Henry would hear none of it, saying only "Remember Anne".
Jane died two weeks after giving birth to Edward VI, Henry's longed-for heir. Elated to finally have a healthy son, Henry soon began mourning, giving her a queen's funeral.

2. A British actress (1951-present) known for Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.
Jane Seymour, like Anne Boleyn, was not a great beauty, but there was a stark contrast between them; Anne was an olive-skinned brunette with piercing dark eyes while Jane was almost pallid with pale blue eyes, mousy blonde hair, and a little receding chin; Anne was dramatic and sharp-tongued while Jane was demure and yielding; Anne was a Protestant while Jane was Catholic; where Anne was cruel to her stepdaughter Mary, Jane had personal loyalty to Mary and her mother, Katherine. Jane banned the flashy French styles that Anne introduced to court.
ayon kay Lorelili ika-26 ng Enero, 2011
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