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To fight someone IN COURT.
I beat that boys ass!

Yeah, but now he's gonna throw some Jew Jitsu on you!
ayon kay Mike Comanche ika-04 ng Marso, 2009
89 7
Ancient martial art Created by Mortichai Weinstein in the ages of Jesus. Ninjews practice this to this day, which is an art form of Grace, coveting, and throwing Ninja Stars-of-David
Man, that Ninjew really kicked their asses. He must study onder the Hebrew Guru.
ayon kay The BIG Nasty ika-11 ng Marso, 2005
532 96
The kung fu art practiced by those of jewish decent. Typically it involves throwing stars of david.
Hey Barry Goldstein is a black belt in jewjitsu, don't mess with him.
ayon kay dannyfisch ika-19 ng Nobyembre, 2007
86 11
A jew that knows Jujitsu.
He could kick yo ass jew jitsu style!
ayon kay Rolle42 ika-18 ng Abril, 2008
47 32
A jewish martial art.
A thug tried to steal the jewish mans jew gold but ended getting knocked the fuck out by the heebs jew jitsu moves.
ayon kay jew jitsu master ika-30 ng Marso, 2010
18 7
The art of defening against an onslaught of Jewish civillians with a crushing blow.
One day a jewish doctor attempted to seize a bank. Fortunately, he was sent into a daze after he was attacked by an expert of jewjitsu.
ayon kay Malcolm Turntable ika-18 ng Hunyo, 2009
17 15
1) The art of combat in which the victor takes any money or belongings from his or her opponent. If there is a tie, the two Jews must fight over a penny... Hence, the invention of copper wire.
JEW: Thanks for the gold, pussy.

VICTIM: Goddamnit I fucking hate these fucking Jews and their JewJitsu bullshit...
ayon kay Maijala ika-02 ng Hunyo, 2011
5 6