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Often meaning the guy you have fallen in love with and hope to marry. Someone you dream of often.
He's so wonderful, he's my Kent.
#kent #dream #love #marry #marriage
ayon kay Define-it ika-17 ng Nobyembre, 2008
An annointed sexual diety.
OMG! That... was... AMAZING! You're such a Kent!
#sex god #born to breed #lover of women #divine coitus #do him now
ayon kay kinsmuccok ika-29 ng Oktubre, 2008
The man who all other men are judged by. Huge penis, ripped bod, super clever and all around stellar person.
If he were any better, he would be Kent.
#kent #cool #huge penis #ripped #clever
ayon kay haoleboy77 ika-07 ng Hulyo, 2011
extremely sexy guy who fries at wrestling and bball. May be short but whitty. Has a great body and loves to eat alot.
Oh man he's like Kent. Kent is so cool.
#coolness #awsome #hot #sexy #spunky
ayon kay kento 2008 ika-12 ng Pebrero, 2008
another word for "cunts"
the class kents are going to die
#kent #cunt #cunts #fag #poff
ayon kay < D.u.M > ika-18 ng Agosto, 2006
Kent is a county in southeast England. It is known that Kent is full of pikeys and has the most number of caravans and mobile homes in England.
You're from Kent? Please remove your caravan from the village green.
#pikey #pikeys #chavs #caravan #trailer park
ayon kay whitelined ika-08 ng Mayo, 2009
A home county in the south-east of England. Though typically associated with chavs, this is not the case. Only areas such as Maidstone, Chatham or Tovil are notoriously so. Nicknamed 'The Garden of England, it is well known for having good weather and nice landscapes, coupled with a thriving apple harvest. Tonbridge, Sevenoaks and Royal Tunbridge Wells are named some of the most desirable areas to live because of commuter connections, schools and history. Overall a very respectable area and a pleasant place to live.
#england #kent #tonbridge #sevenoaks #nice area
ayon kay thewomantwicedead ika-03 ng Pebrero, 2014
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