the only non hacking clan in socom led by zombie13, usually flanked by underworld, or VI and others
aww its a Legion of Doom room we have to play wit them they the hottest clan around
ayon kay CHROME730 ika-17 ng Oktubre, 2007
Top Definition
Legion of doom is a team of super villains. They are owned by DC comics. Originally, they were in the very 70s Superfriends franchise. Villains are organized in a swamp. Creation of the legion of doom was considered the first villain group in non- comics media. 13 villains are there. Here are the names.

Bizarro- a retarded, but hilarious evil version of Superman.
Lex Luthor- you should know who he is.
Toyman- a creepy man who uses toys against victims.
Brainiac- smart alien (the opposite of George W Bush).
Riddler- played by Jim Carrey in a film.
Scarecrow- a grown man who dresses like a damn scarecrow.
Cheetah- Wonder Woman's arch enemy who has a spotty agenda.
Giganta- lady who has a huge vagina when using her power.
Gorilla Grodd- cheesy, but smart villain who has telepathic powers.
Captain Cold- a better version of Mr. Freeze due to the fact that he wasn't in Batman and Robin.
Solomon Grundy- zombie who wants some pants.
Sinestro- alien with a killer stache.
Black Manta- Louis Farrakhan type of guy who thinks only black people should have world control.

Overall, this is a dangerous group. Most likely, they are the most well known of DC comics supervillain groups. Read about them on the internet or watch youtube videos cuz this is a cool gang.
Legion of doom was just defined. Also, the Joker was supposed to be in the legion. But he could not be due to the fact that a Batman series had gotten his character rights. Each legion member has a certain hero enemy. Superman is against Bizarro, Lex, Toyman and Brainiac, Batman fights Riddler and Scarecrow, Wonder Woman is aginst Cheetah and Giganta, Flash versus Gorilla Grodd and Captain Cold, Green Lantern fights Solomon Grundy and Sinestro and Aquaman goes against Black Manta. In the Seahawks team, Richard Sherman an his teammates used the legion of doom's influence to name their unit Legion of Boom. But Sherman is not evil and has a 4.0 GPA at Stanford and is certainly not a thug. So that's the Legion of Doom, folks.
ayon kay Fabulous Max ika-01 ng Disyembre, 2015
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