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The Main Man
Lobo is often depicted ruining people's shit
ayon kay Esch8 ika-14 ng Marso, 2003
1. balloon in philipino
2.wolf in spanish
3. lobes in latin
4. a common portuguese/indian last name
5. super badass comic book character
1. i got a lobo today.
2. yo look at that scary lobo
3. you have a nice lobo
4. Jacob lobo
5. LOBO kicks all kinds of ass
#bobo #momo #last name #comic book #lolo
ayon kay lisaspeaks ika-30 ng Hunyo, 2011
Laughing On a Box Outside.
Text to random homeless person: "hey gabbi, why did the chicken cross the road?"

Gabbi: "why"

Random person: "because it had AIDS"

Gabbi: "LOBO!"
#lmao #lol #lmfao #rofl #omg
ayon kay xavier wells ika-07 ng Disyembre, 2010
Laughing our boners off
Guy 1: We can watch "The Middle Men" first and then we can lobo to "The Other Guys"
Guy 2: Okay...
#lmao #boner #laugh #off #lmfao #aye #boobies
ayon kay Doooodoode ika-15 ng Agosto, 2010
A hot and very sexy Latino.

A very sensual muscular person of Hispanic descent.
The female version of a LOBO is a LOBA.
"Nacho Figueras is such a LOBO."

"That girl Sahar is such a fierce LOBA!"
#lobo #loba #sahar #julio #sexy latino
ayon kay S/HeWolf ika-08 ng Oktubre, 2009
short for Logic Board, as in the mainboard of an Apple computer.
Your Mac won't power on, we probably need to swap out the LoBo.
#lobo #logic board #motherboard #apple #macintosh
ayon kay d-rannasaurus rex ika-08 ng Pebrero, 2009
(noun)- a person who is really lazy, usually homeless
Chilly Willy is a crazy lobo.
#chilly willy #larry #hawks #hobo #hobos
ayon kay king larrious ika-29 ng Oktubre, 2010
A Mexican owned Ford F-150 or higher truck that has been modified with LOBO badging. Highly raises value in the Mexican communitiy on the truck. Must contain at least one big LOBO badge and optionally scorpions. May also contain small rims that take away from the use of the pick-up truck with tires that stick out.
Ey man! Thas no F-150, thas a LOBO!
#ey man #f-150 #truck #lobos #f150 #mexican
ayon kay Mateusz Dlugopolski ika-14 ng Marso, 2006
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