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Word used to express displeasure
Person 1: Go make your bed.
Person 2: Mehh...
ayon kay 2coo4skoo ika-21 ng Disyembre, 2004
93 48
My Enthusiasm Halts Here. Indicates a lack of interest in the topic of conversation or a statement.
Excited Person: "Hey, the circus is in town, anyone going?"
Disinterested Person: "MEHH"
ayon kay techTim ika-21 ng Agosto, 2006
186 58
Generally used when upset and or frustrated. May also be used as the sound of a goat.
"MEHH, MySpace isn't working, again!!"
ayon kay Stoff ika-30 ng Setyembre, 2006
70 55
It's the cross between a laugh/smirk & nonchalantness. Used when trying to escape the subject. Also represents a sense of nervousness about a subject.
Person A: "You should tell him you like him!"
Person B: "Mehhh..."
ayon kay gabbert ika-22 ng Abril, 2011
13 9
word used to replace the feeling to say 'oh okay, whatever!'
1: you smell REALLY bad!
2: oh okay, whatever!

Or with the use of 'Mehh'

1: you smell REALLY bad!
2: Mehh!
ayon kay Aston W (KBDradan) ika-10 ng Agosto, 2008
5 3
The word mehh has the same meaning as whateva...
The two people were arguing about somthing and one said "meh..."
ayon kay Kyle Groenewold ika-29 ng Hulyo, 2005
24 22
The definition of "mehh" could mean anything
Command "Take out the trash"
Answer "Mehh"

question "do you like the color blue"
Answer "mehh"
ayon kay big mana ika-15 ng Hulyo, 2014
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