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An acronym for Minuet of Angle. It is a angular measurement of exactly 1/60th of 1 degree, commonly used in astronomy and ballistics, and any other field that requires such minute measurements.
M4's are guaranteed to have a sub-MOA grouping when properly shot and zeroed.
ayon kay lurch/brittney/creepyguy ika-18 ng Agosto, 2011
22 9
Mother Of All Secrets, the biggest/serious/interesting secret a person can have without exploding.
"Tell me your biggest secret..."
"No way man, I'm not telling you my MOAS!"
ayon kay Lola1985 ika-16 ng Setyembre, 2008
17 4
Acronym meaning: Move On Already
Her - OMG! I just saw on facebook he's dumped the bitch he cheated on me with and is now going out with a duck-faced oompa-loompa. I can't stand seeing him with all these girls when he could have been happy with me!!!

Me - FFS MOA!!! He's a douche-bag. Rise above it coz ur not gonna find anyone else by sitting at home stalking the prick!
ayon kay International Gypsy ika-03 ng Nobyembre, 2012
11 3
Michelle Obama Arms.
I heading to the gym to get some MOA!


Dang girl! Have you been working out? You have some fine MOAs.
ayon kay meanderer ika-22 ng Abril, 2009
40 33
Military Operations Area

Areas on aeronautical sectional charts designated to be known areas of military aircraft operation. Pilots are encouraged to use extreme caution when passing through a MOA
MOAs are most usually found in and around military air bases
ayon kay Conrad P. Rustek ika-09 ng Marso, 2006
33 29
"Made of Awesome" — abbreviated
These people are M.O.A.
ayon kay NM. ika-27 ng Setyembre, 2010
3 3
Acronym for Missed Opportunity Abortion.
Douche-bag, putz, a waste of the genetic process.
"What do you call a Douche-bag passed out on the grass?"
"A lawn-MOA"
ayon kay JozoFine ika-30 ng Disyembre, 2011
4 6