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A jokester who will find the humor in everything and anything; who plays it dumb but very well knows what he wants in life. Loves speed and living life in a fast pace. Although may appear to care only about himself or his friends you'll find that he has your back when you really need it.
"My best friend is that guy that always used to be joking around in class but he always has my back you know what I mean, he is such a Miguel."
ayon kay Rosemarius ika-09 ng Mayo, 2008
A very amazing person to have in ones life other wise commonly known for his
infamous waddle. such a kind soul with a very funny personality and dose not
lack in charecteristics. When one is found the persons tends to never wanting to
let go their for when in search look up at the sun because its a refrence to
what he looks like.their is only one in this galaxy and he is taken by one which
loves him in every single way a person should love this magnificent creature.His habitat is in the alps of antartica
in an igloo and survives on high fructose corn syrup. His best qualities are his drive for sucess and his passion in what he does. Such a pure heart he beholds and is everything a girl can ask for in a boyfriend/bestfriend and more.
On a very pleasent sunny afternoon Miguel was at the parking lot when she set her eyes upon him.
ayon kay His chipmunk ika-20 ng Pebrero, 2009
The most amazing person in the world. Very quiet yet knows when to speak up and let you know his true feelings. When he falls in love he falls hard. The girl who gets the honor of being that person is very lucky. He always knows when you need someone there for you. He will always have your back if your his true friend. Follows his heart and dreams making everything he wants possible. Very very good looking as well, some say a channing tatum look.
Most of all he makes me feel invinsible. I love you Miguel!
ayon kay Nicole.S. ika-03 ng Abril, 2010
a fucken absolute beast of a mothafucka

scientest havent come close to defining miguel
the only thing they have so far is this equation:

miguel>chuck norris

he is the ultimate sexual phenom living in the universe and the ultimate sexual phenom that will ever live
ayon kay immabeast ika-03 ng Pebrero, 2010
A handsome young man , who takes my heart away. With the simplest of words and everything he does. Smart, funny and everything I would ever want. Hes perfect in every way and hes amazing. He knows the right from wrong and is always their when you need him. <3(=
Miguel is so bad ass.
ayon kay dayann(= ika-12 ng Oktubre, 2010
Soccer playing dudes who are usually tall and handsome. They are very funny people, and get along with everyone they meet. They may come across as weird (since they don't care what others think and do what makes them happy) by those who only see them from afar. But once spent time with, are well respected and adored.

They are optimistic dudes, and are up for anything. Even flamenco.

Miguel's go well with Danielle's. A lot of love exists between this pair, and life seems like bliss when these two live it together.
We need to let loose and enjoy life, we need to be like Miguel.
ayon kay superdizzle ika-07 ng Mayo, 2009
A horny ass mother fucker that targets nice or sweet girls and tends 2 flirt and lead them on of false idea's.Beware for they are ushually experts in bullshit and lieing.Tend to b mainly perverted and baiscally players.
grl 1:i always c tht guy wth a diffrent grl! grl 2:omg!!he is such a miguel!!
ayon kay junebug8932o ika-06 ng Mayo, 2009
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