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Jumps to every branch of a family tree. Basically wants those genes but needs somebody to fuck up.
Oh is it odd that me and all my cuzins fucked that monkey bitch?
#stunt #jump off #trick #skeeza #chicken head
ayon kay Teddy Bear Gangsta ika-04 ng Marso, 2009
a person who is just a plain out bitch and needs to be bossed around...kind of like a monkey in a cage
"dude what the hell are you doing over there?"
"that kid is such a monkey bitch."
#bitch #whore #pussy #faggot #homosexual
ayon kay Chase Manley ika-31 ng Mayo, 2007
a lil tricklet who looks like a monkey and buys people shit
this girl who be fuckin with joe is a monkey bitch
#thomas #small #monkey #super #megan
ayon kay yadig ika-18 ng Mayo, 2008
A girl who not only has at least three stray hairs on her chest, but also demonstrates anti-social behavior.
Wow, Carol, that monkey bitch, just called Ted an asshole, then slapped him with her hair-ridden paw.
#monkey #bitch #hair #paw #chest
ayon kay Teddie K ika-05 ng Abril, 2008
Someone who can grow a beard in 6th grade.
Micheal Stewart is a monkey bitch
#hairy #ugly #scary #groose #monkey #bitch
ayon kay Engleburt humperdink ika-09 ng Oktubre, 2007
A female less than 5 ft tall who likes to put down a man And Bitch when there is a audience around, like monkeys put on a show at the Zoo when the crowd gathers.
My neighbors wife is a real monkey bitch, she follows him around and bitch about everthing, she would`t shut the fuck up.
#ho #bitch #skeeza #chimp #skank
ayon kay eddieboy1 400 ika-13 ng Pebrero, 2010
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