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Noun - a nag, manipulative, short, hairy troll like creature. Typically in the form of a female, likes to drive people crazy with their incessant rambling and nagging.

Verb - to choke

nag, Wasserbag, tea bagging, mother, harpie, cheap ass, mooch
That old Neeta is going to be in a world of hurt when she gets old and decriped. No one will visit her except for Dr. Jack Kevorkian.
ayon kay Dr. oolong ika-21 ng Abril, 2009
101 40
a fine azz gurl at mah skoo
dam neetz when u gonna hook up with me?
ayon kay anonymous ika-23 ng Hulyo, 2003
49 37
Synonym for the work "nigger". Usually used in schools so that you may talk about niggers withough being punished by the adminisration.
"Look at those neetas eatin that fried chicken."
ayon kay jackkk ika-20 ng Pebrero, 2007
11 35