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A Japanese person (derogatory, from Nippon, the Japanese word for Japan)
Some old crock was complaining about there being too many "Nips" around.
ayon kay Light Joker ika-26 ng Hunyo, 2005
Hard nipples, visable through the shirt.
Wow, look at those nips.
ayon kay Gregg ika-12 ng Hulyo, 2003
1. A derogatory term used for people of Japanese descent.

2. Slang for nipples.
1. "I jokingly called my friend Genji a nip."

2. "It's so cold here I'm freezing my nips off."
ayon kay I H8 NJ ika-25 ng Nobyembre, 2003
derogatory term for a japanese person

derived from the japanese word "nippon"
meaning japanese
because the nips didn't want to stop the war, we bombed those motherfuckers back to the stone age.
ayon kay h w e a n n r g y ika-07 ng Mayo, 2003
the nipple of a person
You have some big nips.
ayon kay Mike ika-11 ng Setyembre, 2003
when you can see a girls nipples through her shirt!!
hey look you can see her hard nips!!
ayon kay someone who shall remain name less!! ika-06 ng Agosto, 2003
Little bottles of alcohol that contain exactly one shot.
Lets go get some nips of vodka so we can sneak them into the bar.
ayon kay mikeyyyyyyyyyy oooo ika-02 ng Agosto, 2007