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The best band in the whole enitre world, feauturing awesome songs, great looking members and a cool CD cover. What more could you want?
Me: Look Mom it's OK GO on TV!
Mom: Who's on TV?
Me: OK GO!
Mom: Excuse me? I don't like that attitude...
Me: OK GO!
Me: OK GO!
ayon kay Mimi ika-18 ng Disyembre, 2004
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An awesome melodic rock band with really creative and generally random songs. They have two albums thus far. 2002 self titled debut and the 2005 Oh No. Both are fantastic, however, Oh No is a little more grown up if you will. less shiny if you will a little more than you had before.

consist of four parts:
damian kulash -hot lead singer/guitarist that talks a little weird, but he's really hot so it's he also has a lisp, and his voice vacillates between being really light and really deep during the course of one conversation.
Tim Nordwind- the bassist, who is also quite awesome, jewish and wears black rimmed glasses. pretty much your average nerd.
Dan Konopka - pretty awesome drummer. looks Italian. probably is. i've never seen or heard him speak in a single interview.
Andy Ross- the hot new guitarist. damn he's hot. i've never heard him talk in my entire life as a fan.
M: i really like Ok Go's new album
A: really?
M: yep
A: alright.
ayon kay Mandy ika-05 ng Mayo, 2006
A kool bubblegum rock band, with a really good looking lead singer and a great sense of humour.
Example sentence: I really love OK go!!!
ayon kay Me ika-05 ng Nobyembre, 2003
Alternative pop band from Chicago, famous for doing really awesome music videos in their own homes. Ira Glass calls them "living catnip". Most famous recently for "the treadmill dance" that featured in the video for "Here It Goes Again". Check this band out on YouTube, the videos are amazing even if you dont like the music (which I happen to think is great too anyways)
"Dude have you seen the new MTN ad? With the guys on treadmills?"
"Yeah, thats OK Go. They rock"
ayon kay Dr. Van Van Mojo ika-29 ng Hunyo, 2007
the perfect blend of sex and nerd a band could ever have.
consists of:

Super hot Damian Kulash who sometimes sounds like a girl.

Not as hot, but still pretty good looking new guy nicknamed Rusty.

Tim Nordwind : Band Mascot

and Dan Konopka. no one really cares about Dan.
me: I'm going to an OK Go concert!
them: Who are they?
me: The band that danced on treadmills
them: Oh yeah! I didn't know they did concerts?!
me: fuck you.
ayon kay atianafiorella ika-22 ng Hulyo, 2009
a fuckin awesome band from chicago.
Ok Go's best song is get over it.

man 1: whose the best band in the world.

man 2: ok go is their fuckin a
ayon kay AFRO KID ika-20 ng Setyembre, 2010
A band that has that song ''Do what you want'' in the JCPenney commercial and ''Here it goes'' with the video with them on the treadmill
OK Go has a weird video out with them on treadmills
ayon kay DizzyLizzy ika-16 ng Nobyembre, 2006

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