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A new metal created by Richard D Sanderson (AKA Sandy Dickard) in July of 2011. Mainly uses parrots for vocals and humans for backups that imitate the parrots. There is two guitars; one plays a jazz rift while the other plays death metal rifts. There are two drummers; one hits random notes while the other just hits open strings. There is no bass. Each instrument switches rapidly between left and right outputs. The distortion for the guitars is max echo and flanger, rapidly switching between both.

There was only one band to ever play this genre, they were called "The Ends of our Dreams Lie in the Shadows"
There has only been one album release, Titled "Eat Shit and DIE". There are only 3 songs on the album and only 2 copies were ever made. The album art features a parrot sitting on a roost made of human bones. The Parrot's eyes are on fire and it has big beefy muscles on its wings. This cover was drawn with wax crayons.

The guitarist was Sandy Dickard
The second guitarist was Chano Jang Wang
The first drummer was Lang Dang Wang (brother of second guitarist)
The second drummer was the unamed hobo ( They picked him cause they heard his trash can skills )
The Parrots name was Charlie W.C
The backup vocals was done by Julian Rudder.

There was only one live concert and due to the parrot being lit on fire the genre and band were both short lived.
Parrotcore sounds badass but in reality it sucks tits.
#parrot #metal #core #death #derp #music #end #shadow #awful #wonderful #fantastic #terribad #bird #fire #terds #fuck #ass #shit
ayon kay Parrotcore Fan 69 ika-18 ng Agosto, 2011
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