What All true warriors strive for
"my boy this peace is what all true warriors strive for"
ayon kay Ian Edwards ika-20 ng Abril, 2009
The desire to love and exist without imposition.
I choose to live in peace, even though I have been wronged in my life. My choice for peace means that I live together with others or myself without being in antagonizing situations.
ayon kay figmentofapearl ika-13 ng Pebrero, 2007
Fighting for peace is like fucking for chastity
Like, it's happening right now...
ayon kay Rand Hobart ika-28 ng Hulyo, 2004
To be free of disturbace, be it Hiroshima, 9-11, Katrina, Bubonic Plague, concentration camps, oil spills, hellfire, elections, Jaws, Belzebub, potato famine, low-fat mayonaise, telemarketers, Mickey Mouse, The Monkeys, pigeons, dripping faucets, loose bowels, and broken shoe laces.
"...a peace of mind is a quiet piece of behind. Is that yours I'm scratchin? Cause it sure ain't mine."
ayon kay Mac C. ika-09 ng Nobyembre, 2007
1) to relax or chill out
2) parting phrase
3) familiar greeting
4) a time without war or conflict
1) You need to peace.
2) Peaceout, catch ya later.
3) Peace. How ya doin?
4) What is peace without conflict?
ayon kay This is me pretending to give a shit ika-18 ng Enero, 2007
peace - a kind of a arrangement/agreement between two or more living beings to try and live in perfect harmony and happiness within themselves for greater good of the world community/society.
Can we hav some peace around here in our world. It is something every living being on this earth wants, but no one is doing anything to achive it, especially humans (can there is any end to ego of this animal named HUMAN).
ayon kay freeko ika-11 ng Setyembre, 2005
Not war
yo! peace! sjokoladegris.
ayon kay The boy who picked flowers and made people sing ika-21 ng Mayo, 2003

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