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A small little town, where everyone know everyone. A place where every family appears to have a "perfect" family, yet the truth is that the ones that appear to be the most perfect, are hiding the biggest secrets.
A place of fear, and where many children are victims of many traumas that are kept within all of the family secrets. To allow those secrets to escape, is not an option. Those that choose to "not" keep silent of these horrible secrets, wil be cast aside and rejected for they are no longer considered to be a perfect person. Only "perfect" people can reside and function there.
Port Perry is the perfect little town with perfect people.
Only snobs can reside in Port Perry.
To survive and be welcome in Port Perry, one has to be able to keep secrets.
ayon kay Notsurewhoiam ika-13 ng Oktubre, 2008
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A Beautiful town North-East of Toronto, right on lake Scugog. Port Perry is rich with heritage and beautiful residential areas.
But when you ignore the pretty veneer, and meet the people living there you know it is a dirty, contemptible little town, with small-minded people. The residents generally only get along with white, straight, clean cut conformists. Anyone else is considered a "faggot". Most people who have lived there their entire life see foreign people as mythical beings with supernatural powers. To them, a black man can leap fences in a single bound and an asian person could kill you with 2 fingers and a pair of nunchucks. They believe anyone from an urban area are a dangerous thug, or a gangster. Most even fear people from their neighboring town, Whitby, or as it is called by anyone else, "Whiteby"
Possibly one of the worst places in southern Ontario to raise a family. Your kids will become closed-minded and hateful towards anyone or anything different.
But you know what they say... "Small town, small minds".
Also, affectionately named, "Pot Perry" by the very small group of resident stoners. This name never caught on within the town.
Never heard of Port Perry? Well, they've never heard of you either.
ayon kay FormerPortPerryCitizen ika-15 ng Hunyo, 2011

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