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1. Sex on wheels

2. Asian bloke

3. My best friend
1. Corr, listening to insert band is like Pritesh.

2. Asian bloke? *Here sir*

3. Ahh I love insert name, s/he's my Pritesh.
ayon kay TheArcticKingsOfTroy ika-22 ng Disyembre, 2008
Aladdin- the feisty prince; Prince of Dubai & of his princess Jasmine.
Pritesh is more charming than Aladdin, has a bigger magic lamp, and his monkey is more playful than Abu.
ayon kay Rachel/Jasmine ika-07 ng Disyembre, 2010
A: Eughh, what's up with that bread?
B: It's gone all Pritesh ¬_¬
ayon kay bluesmurf ika-10 ng Nobyembre, 2008