short for 'right on'
Bro: We just got back from the best vacation ever, can't wait to go back.
Other Bro: ro!
ayon kay Michael Crawford ika-22 ng Enero, 2008
abbreviation for "Reverse Osmosis." Reverse osmosis is a process in which water is forced to travel through a semipermeable membrane against the concentration gradient by increasing the pressure on the feed side above the osmotic pressure of the solute with the highest osmotic pressure. It is often used in drinking water treatment.
People don't know that the reverse osmosis technology used to manufacture their bottled water does not do a good job removing neutral compounds like arsenious acid (arsenic), even though the companies bottline it would like you to think that it is ultra pure.
ayon kay Matt Charles ika-15 ng Pebrero, 2005
short for negro
made popular by the 4th Avenue Jones' song Ro's
Shh don't talk through the movie thats what Ro's do
ayon kay pro nigg ika-12 ng Disyembre, 2007
Verb. The act of defecating into a woman's vagina for sexual arousal. The male then performs intercourse on the female's feces filled love canal.
"I paid Ro $20 and she let me ro her."
ayon kay Bonehead2 ika-11 ng Marso, 2007
a variation of "right, yo", it can also mean "right on, yo!".
I may be a car ho, but you're a mooching hoochie, ro!
ayon kay Devily ika-15 ng Enero, 2003
An interjection used at the end of sentences to make them cooler! A combination of "right" and "yo," used like "yo." Also japanese for furnace. See also sie.
You're such a car-ho, ro!
ayon kay Emily ika-14 ng Enero, 2003
To 'ro' is to misuse a witty quip or pun to the point of saturation.

Named after a smashing young lady who would inadvertently impoverish the whimsical nature of any wisecrack before her.
Person 1: *says something hilarious*
Person 2: *repeats that something so much and so often that it is now devoid of its original aberrant humour *
Person 1: ...
Person 2: You just ro'd it ;/
ayon kay Computech ika-25 ng Oktubre, 2015

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