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Commonly used to refer to a sandwich
I've got a sanny for lunch today
ayon kay Khangs ika-21 ng Abril, 2005
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A Glasgow term for a pair of trainers.
"There heavy smart sannys by the way bud!"
ayon kay cazza ika-28 ng Setyembre, 2004
Acronym for: Standard Aggressive Night in New York. This is equal to minimum $60 or minimum 12 Drinks. The more SANNY's you expense the fresher you are.
Congratulations! You Pulled a SANNY!
ayon kay domtheman ika-26 ng Marso, 2011
The shortened term for hand sanitizer.
My hands are dirty. Can someone pass me the sanny?
ayon kay BMF7 ika-07 ng Agosto, 2011
Slang word for sanitary towel
My sanny is chaffing like crazy
ayon kay Sian conlon ika-25 ng Hulyo, 2005
Person with a huge heart, knows you very well and all feelings are mutual. This person can be your boyfriend/fiancee. Can be used as a lovable nickname.
Me and Sanny went out for dinner last night <3
ayon kay adfsdfs ika-11 ng Setyembre, 2011
Commonly used by people with IQ's less than 80 to refer to a sandwich.
"Oooh! Look, he's eating a sanny for lunch!"
ayon kay Max Katzeff ika-22 ng Abril, 2005
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