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A Scroodle is the collective name for both the Scrotum, and Doodle.
Dude she grabbed my whole scroodle last night! Both doodle and scrotum!
ayon kay Big Joshy P ika-16 ng Hunyo, 2013
To scribble and doodle simultaneously in a fashion where it looks like your kinda mental(past experience).(IT helps to sniff sharpies)
My scroodle has a puking muffin on it!

Eww your scroodle looks like crap.

ARe you scroodling or having a seisure?
ayon kay Leanna T. ika-08 ng Pebrero, 2008
to give oral sex to a male.
give head
Did you scroodle his noodle last night?
ayon kay CV ika-21 ng Hunyo, 2004
any hair falling off, or belonging on a scrotem
"Damn Billy, you got motherfuckin scroodles all over my sammich!"
ayon kay Aaron Mitchell ika-27 ng Disyembre, 2002