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Used when someone isn't doing the things he was supposed to do to achieve certain goals.
1_ - You'd better shape up if don't wanna fail that Math exam!!

2_ - Your pad is disgusting.... Shape up!!
ayon kay Douglas B ika-20 ng Marso, 2007
6 1
To fix up your hair line, on the back, or side of your head. Also the front if you want it.
damn yo! I gots to get me a shape up
ayon kay dot dot dot ika-08 ng Hunyo, 2004
298 47
its a "line up" but in bk where im from its a shape up, jus shapin up the front sides and back of ur hair cut, no fade jus a usin the small clippers to shape up the around ur head and gettin those tight side burns.
(to barber):yo let me get a shape up, no fade jus a shape up.
ayon kay juan aka the crazy ika-20 ng Mayo, 2005
218 97
For someone to get the hair around the perimeter of their heads shaped up neatly by clippers and or any sharp object.
Hey! You guys like my fresh shape-up?
ayon kay Someboody ika-14 ng Hulyo, 2008
23 0
Phrase used to initiate a fist fight.
similar to 'come at me, bro'.

Coined in Western Sydney.
'Oi, you broke me last durry; shape up, cunt'.
ayon kay victurtle ika-05 ng Hunyo, 2011
21 16
shape-up bassically getting a hair cut
yo give me a shape-up going out today
ayon kay 4-8-09 ika-29 ng Abril, 2009
4 6
Philly term for a fade (the haircut)
Las' week I got a shape up at ma barbashop

1 1/2 on da sidez an bac
ayon kay Skario ika-06 ng Mayo, 2004
79 141