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1. Ridiculous (whack), yet awesome circumstances
2. Agreement that something is ridiculously awesome
3. Stating something is ridiculously awesome
4. Synonym of Bomb Diggity
T. The maths exam was cancelled
K. Sickety Whack

K. Saw a 67 fastback mustang
T. Sickety Whack

K. Had the most Sickety Whack weekend.
ayon kay Scotty2127 ika-13 ng Hunyo, 2007
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bomb diggity awesome cool whack sick sickity
The bomb diggity, the most awesome, Extremely good (Sick) yet different (Whack). Extremely favourable circumstances.
T "I saw a fully pimped ride yesterday"
K "Sickety Whack"

K "The maths exam has been canceled"
T "Sickety Whack!"
ayon kay Scotty2127 ika-14 ng Marso, 2007
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