A cute girl (white or lighter skinned regardless of race) who is extremely shy but secretly crazy at sex or has sex often
Girl i know u dont talk in class, but come home with me and be my snow bunny
ayon kay kinkikiti ika-02 ng Pebrero, 2015
Cocaine addict, usually female. Also refers to chicks who snowboard.
Courtney Love is a snow bunny.
ayon kay Heather Casteel ika-26 ng Hulyo, 2004
Ebonics term used by African-American men to refer to white women. A similar term, but referring to black women, is the noun "br'er rabbit."
Shontavius was a young man well-respected within his community for having impregnated nearly ten different snowbunnies.

"Day-yum, nigga, check out dat ass on dat snowbunny!"
ayon kay JonnyAngel ika-09 ng Abril, 2015
A sexy white girl who has a ass/thick in the right places an only dates/worships black men
"Once you go black you don't go back"
"Beth have you been with a black guy yet? Beth:yes thats why I'm a snow bunny in a wheelchair(laughs)"
ayon kay IGyafavhoodstar02 ika-03 ng Oktubre, 2014
a fucking hot snowboard chick that likes to ride power in a g string
i watched that snowbunny ride that powder all day
ayon kay ryan ika-29 ng Enero, 2004
A slang term for a white woman who is only attracted to black men. Is also a cute nick name white guys will call a white girl who they know is only interested in black men. When used to intentionally offend someone, this can be a synonym for white trash
"Heyyy snow bunny!"-white guy
"Hey man I heard that new girls a snow bunny."-Black guy
ayon kay Lena-Loo ika-26 ng Hunyo, 2015
A white girl (usually unattractive or kinda attractive) that wears Air Force 1s/Jordan's and goes for black guys only.
Maria: ew look at that snow bunny over there huddling around all those black men

Vanessa: she's not even cute wth
ayon kay tittymonster6969 ika-23 ng Mayo, 2015

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