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When a girl literally shoots out her vaginal fluid from her vagina as she climaxes; when a girl shoots cum from her pussy
Tina's pussy juice is like a projectile, she can really squirt.
ayon kay youknowit ika-11 ng Abril, 2003
5029 1466
when a female ejaculates a clear, odorless, liquid from her urethra due to stimulation of the "g-spot" to orgasm.
If you are a squirter you should have plenty of towels handy.
ayon kay cj313403 ika-21 ng Mayo, 2005
3614 1673
The female act of gushing a clear, odorless liquid out of their pussy's when reaching orgasm. Often accomplished by some serious clit stimulation, or G-Spot stimulation.

*Girls who can do this are god.
"I was eating her pussy and sucking on her clit she squited all over my face"

"Dude, last night I bent Jill over the kitchen table, and she squirted all over my cock"
ayon kay Chelby ika-01 ng Hunyo, 2007
2722 1466
If she squirts, you gave her a awesome orgasm... Its white vagina fluid that shoots out at her climax.
1. ooo you just squirted. your pussy likes my cock.
ayon kay bustitamy ika-12 ng Setyembre, 2013
278 179
Flaming Diarrhea. squirts are basicly the worst experience you can can endure. Marcella usually gets the squirts from eating fish.
Marcella was really constipated at the sleepover, Until she ate Jessica's mom's fish. She slept on the toilet! you could hear the crap splash in the bowl! SQUIRTS!
ayon kay Jessicrap ika-01 ng Hunyo, 2007
313 223
Best thing a girl can do.

When A girl releases orgasmic clear fluid, comes out like water, Happens from stimulation and build up. Last about 3- 10 seconds.
She squirted all in my mouth.
ayon kay The girl who can squirt!!!!!!! ika-22 ng Enero, 2012
837 810
A tasty lemon-lime flavored soda beverage
Yo pass the Squirt
ayon kay Squrta-tit-is ika-02 ng Hulyo, 2013
278 273