A broke bitch.
Shannon spent all her cash on crack, now she's a Strawberry Shortcake.
#broke #bitch #ugly #cocaine #strawberry
ayon kay A Manly Ape ika-17 ng Setyembre, 2014
The act of placing whipped cream on a vagina while menstrating, and then eating said vagina out.
"My girlfriend was horny but she was on her period; that's ok, I ended up giving her a Strawberry Shortcake."
#dirty sanchez #angry dolphin #angry pirate #cleveland steamer #houdini
ayon kay B-Wright ika-06 ng Oktubre, 2012
When the girl is on her period and the man fucks her and then jizzes all over her face so that she is left looking like she just ate a strawberry shortcake.
I turned that ho around and gave her a strawberry shortcake.
#strawberry #shortcake #girls #sex #positions #icky
ayon kay Doing the Dirty D ika-16 ng Hunyo, 2011
little bitch who doesn't know when to keep her mouth shut
that girl is such a strawberry short cake I HATE her
#girl #srawberryshorkcake #cake face #ugly #bitch
ayon kay Sweet_lips ika-03 ng Abril, 2015
It is when you have coitus with a female while she is on her period and you ejaculate inside while she is bleeding and you pull out and your penis replicates strawberry shortcake frosting.
My wife and I made a strawberry shortcake last night if you know what I mean.
#hot lunch #banana cream pie #snowball #banana split #damien
ayon kay Qawzsexdrcftvgybhunjimkolp ika-04 ng Marso, 2015
You fuck a hairy count ginger on the rag, then frost her cunt with cum. Could also be called a Red Velvet.
I gave that ginger girl a strawberry short cake. :-)
#strawberry #cake #blood #cum #ginger
ayon kay J.M.K. ika-03 ng Marso, 2015
a small red dick that looks pink like a strawberry and the balls are usually in the shape of a heart.
jim has a strawberry Short cake and gets made fun of by even gingers
#dick #berry #straw #cake #strawberry
ayon kay klater ika-20 ng Setyembre, 2011
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