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Was won by the patriots this year... AGAIN.
The patriots are becoming the yankees of football. If they keep this up, everyone's going to start hating them if they don't already.
ayon kay Adrian ika-08 ng Pebrero, 2005
11 12
the natinal championship of football
the minnesota vikings should easily be able to win the super bowl this year
ayon kay Jesus Pimp ika-28 ng Oktubre, 2004
8 11
See "The Bowl". The Super Bowl mirrors the act of "The Bowl" except that prior to bathroom sex, the man excretes feces and urine from his body into the toilet bowl. When he shoves the female's head into the toilet bowl before ejaculating, she finds herself surrounded by urine and feces for but a moment before the toilet is flushed and the act of "The Bowl" is completed
Man, las night I super bowled that lady.
ayon kay Buttmaster ika-01 ng Abril, 2003
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