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Boston Celtics
Did you watch the C's play last night?
ayon kay ebeck08 ika-26 ng Enero, 2011
THe C is the fugly ist little B-otch who once made love to her best friend Shwanger. IT is crazy and wants to love anything even resenbling a male human. The C is really more of a concept...
You are about as fugly as The C!!
ayon kay Aaron Beninstine ika-10 ng Hulyo, 2004
The c is a fugly slut who likes to sit at lunch tables, ring bells outside schools, play your bassoon, is in EVERY can of whipped cream. The C is a concept and can be used to decribe a person. There is ONE the C, averyone else is just fugly.
You: Why hello, the C.
The C: Can I jingle your bells?
The C: Can I play your bassoon?
ayon kay Improper Cheese ika-30 ng Nobyembre, 2004