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Another word for DEAD
Nancy; "What happened to Joe?"

Jonas: "He got Bin Usama Bin Laden 'd
ayon kay Dinkleberry Dan ika-02 ng Mayo, 2011

Words related to Usama Bin Laden

arab terrorist
How Fox News spells Osama.
Usama Bin Laden is dead.
ayon kay their pseudonym ika-01 ng Mayo, 2011
The Now Amazing Person That Killed Robert Pattinson's Butt In "Remember Me."
Robert Pattinson-The Twin Towers Are Very Clean Today

Usama Bin Laden- Those Stupid Americans Think That I Am Trying To Kill America!! Hahaha!! Eat This Robert Pattinson!!!!!
ayon kay Gk28 ika-19 ng Marso, 2010