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The most chill place ever if your just a stoner looking to chill in a small, friendly home town.
in Wake Forest, the worst thing that can happen to you would either be running out of weed or lighter fluid...
ayon kay Akid Namedcudi ika-30 ng Marso, 2011
A small town in Wake County, North Carolina.

There are three main schools:
1-Wake Forest Rolesville Cougars:
This is the oldest of the three schools. It has recently been remodeled due to overcrowding. The schooling has a high passing rate. The school is mostly known for it's football team. The abbreviation is WFR.

2-Wakefield Wolverines:
This is the second oldest school in the Wake Forest area and is the biggest. It is located in the small neighborhood of Wakefield. It is mostly known for it's students alcohol and drug abusing. It has one of the highest student drinking and driving rate. Their abbreviation is WHS.

3-Heritage Huskies:
The newest of the three rival area schools. It was recently finished in 2009. WFR students went to Heritage for a year so that they could finish construction on the "new" WFR campus. After that year, the students are back in WFR. It now is a school on its own with no association with any other school. It is not a well known school. Their abbreviation is HHS.

A Few Interesting Facts:

Incorporated on Feb. 20, 1909
Wake Forest University moved from Wake Forest in 1956
Population 27,217
Land area is 15.08 square miles

Local Restaurants:
Red Robin
Mellow Mushroom
Shorty's Hot dogs
Golden Corral
Wake Forest Coffee Company
Smithfield BBQ
Texas Roadhouse
Blue Fin's Bistro
**Many More**

There is a lot more to be known about Wake Forest.
You should go to the official website of The Town of Wake Forest to learn all about it.
ayon kay Star Fox Elite ika-28 ng Enero, 2011
A small town on the outskirts of Raleigh, NC that houses NOTHING to do on a Friday or Saturday night. Used to be a very closed-knit community, but as people started to migrate towards Raleigh, they started heading north to Wake Forest. Now you can find people that clearly don't belong, aka Trophy wives and their two-year-old babies, instead of the amazing Southerners that once inhabited the area. There are three main schools that belong in the Wake Forest Area

Wake Forest*duh*: Mostly drunks. They are in the school that is falling apart and older than dirt itself.

Wakefield: The slut school, where people keep dying left and right because they are drunks as well.

The Franklin Academy: A Luddy school that is super gay and has uniforms. Also, they have some of the most creative yet closed minded people ever.

Places to go in Wake Forest:
The Wake Forest Coffee Company
Cotton Company
The Library-if you really are that bored
The Seminary

If you get really crazy you can go on the railroad tracks and wait for a train to run you over. That'll be more fun then you can possibly imagine. And the best thing to do on a Friday Night.
Wake Forest is a lot like New York City, only minus the New, York and City parts.
ayon kay slickjane ika-07 ng Nobyembre, 2008
Small town on the outskirts of Raleigh ran by pot smoking dropouts who have been to jail at least twice. aka Wack Forest. This town is full of drama and girls who can't keep their legs closed. The biggest stress of this town is making sure you have the best pot. Hometown of the rapper Roc Star
Wake Forest Potheads
ayon kay gay123 ika-05 ng Enero, 2009
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