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A term for an immature vulva, before the labia have developed. Term derives from the similar appearance of a little girl's pussy to an uncracked walnut.
"I'm a virgin! Don't split my little walnut!" "Too late. You're the main ingredient of this Waldorf salad I'm making."
#vulva #vagina #labia #cunt #pussy #lips
ayon kay Ignominious Bob ika-25 ng Agosto, 2009
A nut
I like to eat walnuts
ayon kay bill ika-20 ng Nobyembre, 2002
Another name for John McCain.
Did you see Walnuts' speech last night? You know, the one about inflation. Did he look dead to you or what?
#adult diapers #death face #wonkette #bitter #hilltard #mcbama
ayon kay Iacopus ika-08 ng Agosto, 2008
A person who likes to shop or hang out at Wal-Mart a lot.
She is such a walnut.
#wal-mart #walmart #walnut #shop #shopping #nut
ayon kay Bed time ika-31 ng Marso, 2010

Kind of like nuts, but way more nuts.
Dude. That Ron Artest brawl the other night was freaking walnuts.
#nuts #crazy #insane #unbelievable #unreal
ayon kay cgp24 ika-13 ng Disyembre, 2010
Someone who is obsessed with walls.
My best friend is a walnut.
ayon kay Nospmoht Fets ika-29 ng Enero, 2005
When a female has a gigantic clitoris, and the hood is massive. The hood covering the clitoris is called a walnut.
"Hey bitch! I saw you shaking that ass the other day, and I could see your walnut through your pants."
#clit #hood #clitoris #camel toe #bean
ayon kay Rigglediggle ika-06 ng Pebrero, 2009
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