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Four words, Blue screen of Death
Windows crashed again??
ayon kay bOb_the Definer ika-16 ng Abril, 2005
The worst Operating System a PC could ever possibly run.
ayon kay relaxed ika-27 ng Mayo, 2003
The staple the held Windows ME together.
Cause of many crashes.
AKA. My first OS
Ouch dude I can’t believe you use Win 95
ayon kay Id ika-08 ng Nobyembre, 2004
used to refer to an annoying old person. It is similar in meaning to "grandpa"/"grandma", usually exclaimed in frustration or anger.
"WTF? Windows 95 over there keeps putting candies in the tip jar."
ayon kay truthorderrida ika-10 ng Nobyembre, 2013
Like a virus, Windows 95 eats up valuable system resources, screw up ur hard drive, but Windows 95 is not a virus. A virus is well supported by its author and has a fast code. Windows is not a virus, its a bug
ayon kay noone ika-02 ng Nobyembre, 2003
Some crappy operating system that shuts down for no reason, takes up to much disc space, etc. see the Windows 95 sucks movie on
ayon kay Anonymous ika-01 ng Hunyo, 2003