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A mentally challenged person. Likely comes from their facial appearances.
He's a real winky.
ayon kay Neil Jamieson ika-26 ng Abril, 2004
a petname for a mans penis
An example: Captain Winky
ayon kay winkyfan17 ika-16 ng Mayo, 2005
A pee pee
He pulled out his winky and told her it was a strawberry ice cream cone
ayon kay Hideo ika-08 ng Disyembre, 2003
A penis of any size.
Stoplooking at my winky!Just b/c we r in the locker room doesn't mean this is a peep show!
ayon kay Casey ika-02 ng Abril, 2005
A slang term meaning "penis". Also spelled "winkie".
Man: Have a stroke of its mane, it turns into a plan and then it turns back again when you tug on its WINKY.

Woman: Ouuuuh, that's dirty!
ayon kay Demut ika-12 ng Abril, 2010
Another word for a man's penis.
"Argh you stood on my winky!" and "Dude, you should see the size of my winky ;)"
ayon kay Tegzzz ika-10 ng Enero, 2008
Nudists over the age of 29 usually develop tan lines under the crease of their butt. When standing still they cannot be seen, but when someone is walking away the untanned regions will flash in alternation.

The only tanlines she had were her winkies.
ayon kay Jeffo ika-30 ng Nobyembre, 2005
an overweight or jolly mans genetalia
that man in the showers at the ymca had some nerve jerkin his winky in front of us
ayon kay oscarl ika-12 ng Enero, 2009