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Wongy has roamed the Earth for several Billion years.

Wongy is known for his innate lust for sexual relations with strips of bacon.

He is also known for his senoir management position at 'City Wok' (Chinese pronunciation of 'City Wok': "Shitty Rok")
But recently Wongy has moved over to City Wok Airlines.
"Shitty Rok Airrines".
Wongy stands outside City Wok waiting for some food scraps.
ayon kay The Notorious MrSpagBoll ika-11 ng Agosto, 2012

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chinese joshy money n00b ping pong swag ting tong wong wrong yolo
something very cool, funny, random, yay
thats so wongy!!


ayon kay kristin ika-19 ng Oktubre, 2003
Wongy aka Shrike

Complete n00b asshole, complety de-void of talent on WoW.

See n00b
Shrike: Hey guys!
Falk:OMG STFU n00b.
Temper: YEA n00b n00b n00b!!!!111!!2
ayon kay Temper ika-03 ng Mayo, 2005
also.....::::to make something funny, awesome.
lets wong it up!!!

its gonna be wongy!!
ayon kay kristin ika-19 ng Oktubre, 2003