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spanish word for cocaine
chichi grab the yey (tony montana)
ayon kay sabrina ika-24 ng Nobyembre, 2003
403 434
some of you are stupid "Yeyo" is a cuban term for cocaine, it has been used in cuba
for decades and was only known in america after thee film "Scarface"
"get the ki of yeyo"
ayon kay Mike Blitz ika-19 ng Oktubre, 2004
232 285
Slang for Cocaine
You got that yeyo?
ayon kay X ika-03 ng Mayo, 2003
125 189
Slang for cocaine; the Spanish term is spelled "llello", not like how others spelled it.
Aaron sells yeyo out of the back of his Ferrari.
ayon kay DRGDLR ika-21 ng Agosto, 2007
63 140
aka the best stuff ever
Fact: If you do yeyo you will become cooler, have lots of friends, have fun all the time, and never go bankrupt, get arrested, become painfully adicted, lose everyone you love, or die!

Sally: how did you ge so cool Frank?
Frank: i move lots of yeyo, and i snort it too
Sally: wow i wanna be like you
Frank: shut the fuck up you're a dumb bitch and you aren't a good enough person to slang ye, go to hell whore
ayon kay BEZ bitch ika-10 ng Enero, 2008
41 120
cocaine, spanish term
Dude, thats my yeyo
ayon kay cadillac ika-03 ng Mayo, 2003
47 126
Misspelling of "llelo," the ghetto spanish term for crack.

pro-nun-see-A-shun: yeh'yo
ayon kay anonymous ika-06 ng Oktubre, 2003
82 162