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most commonly used as you only live once, made so by rapper drake, but is also used by some sick-ass girls as a code that they do anal.
Hey bitch, yolo?
ayon kay Thedragonelder ika-21 ng Mayo, 2012
you only like oreos.
someone only likes oreos

*sally picks up a box of oreos*
*friend yells* YOLO!
ayon kay attackofthe50footginger ika-21 ng Mayo, 2012
You only live once
i'm going to live life to the fullest

yea you better man Y.O.L.O
ayon kay Lil' maa ika-28 ng Disyembre, 2011
A combination of "yo" and "hello"
Chris: Hey mike
Duke: YOLO
ayon kay andregrant13 ika-02 ng Hulyo, 2012
Drake fans: you only live once.
Christofer Drew fans: you only lotus once .c;
ayon kay haiguise ika-27 ng Pebrero, 2012
Means "You Only Lotus Once".

Lotus referring to the giant lotuses on Christofer Drew's butt. But of course, Christofer defies the law and lotuses twice.
Hipster Chick: Y.O.L.O!

NSN Fan: Christofer Lotuses twice.

Hipster Chick: The fuck?

NSN Fan: Ugh, just go away.
ayon kay lovethelotus ika-26 ng Pebrero, 2012
You Only LOVE Once
Damn, I'm really feeling this girl right now... YOLO
ayon kay shabba15 ika-24 ng Pebrero, 2012