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The Sexiest Guy at MIT. He s so hot, that when you look at him he burns your clothes of.
Girl 1 "What happen to you, you go out in the sun to much?"
Girl 2 "Na, I saw Yoshio !!!!"
ayon kay 2pacforlife ika-30 ng Abril, 2009
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A little Guatemalan elf with a sick Japanese name. These kinds of Yoshios are very rare and are only found 2 miles underneath the Pacific Ocean. This particular Yoshio has an awesome, fuzzy fro that you can't deny wanting to touch..Yoshios are compulsive liars and they WILL throw tacos at you if you attempt to capture it. Capturing a Yoshio takes skill and perserverance because they are very sly and can turn invisible in an instant. They like to eat human eyebrows so protective bandaids may want to be worn to deter the smell when approaching a Yoshio.
ayon kay H3LL@ $H@DY ika-24 ng Hunyo, 2010

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