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A more exaggerated word for awesome.
My new webpage looks totally awesomesauce!
ayon kay Melodie Reece ika-16 ng Hunyo, 2008
155 94
If something is awesome sauce, then it is the best it can possibly be.
That was awesome sauce!!!!
ayon kay McBlaggin ika-03 ng Agosto, 2008
160 107
Something or someone truly amazing. Usually: more awesome than the word "awesome" can describe.
My god, Silva and Lord Earth are truly awesomesauce! But then, Silva DID create and copyright the word for his and his friend's use, and Lord Earth DID earn the description.

This can of whipped cream should be renamed "Awesomesauce".
ayon kay The One True Awesomesauce Man ika-14 ng Enero, 2008
110 63
a word meaning awesome, only cooler-be prepared to be looked at funny when you use this word.
Girl 1: Woah, that movie was awesomesauce!!
Girl 2: Dude, you spend way too much time on Urban Dictionary.
ayon kay Lyla Dare ika-12 ng Mayo, 2009
66 28
The perfect accompaniment for Cool Beans
Ben: See at the gig then.
Dave: Cool beans.
Ben: Awesome sauce.
ayon kay lbr11 ika-04 ng Setyembre, 2011
64 30
A substance extremely similar to Crack.

The difference, however, is one is made as the result of unicorns firing magical lasers into the sun, which, in turn, refracts a fire-rainbow onto the moon, where it is then collected by space chinchillas, packaged in crystal jars made from orphan tears, and sent in a rocket back to Earth.

The other you just buy from your local Jimmy.
...Wait, wait, WHAT?

That's not even CLOSE to Awesome Sauce, biddy, WHAT WRONG WIT YOU?
ayon kay Lumennex ika-26 ng Agosto, 2011
109 84
an adjective to describe anything and everything that is just totally EPIC!!!
DUDE!!!! That was a huge bowl of awesome sauce!!!
ayon kay allora15 ika-01 ng Nobyembre, 2010
76 54