p1mp daddy, super l33t, ownz y0ur mom, and y0ur dad, has sk1ll 0ver your siblings, deserves to live, someone with giant penis. someone with absolute sk1ll.
I am b00m
ayon kay hax0r do0d ika-22 ng Mayo, 2003
Top Definition
A common 1337 expression for people playing a gun-related game such as Soldier Front, Call of Duty, etc. Meaning that they killed someone (with headshot or not.)
Player1 shoots Player2 in the head.
Player1: b00m headshot!
Player 2: -.- wtf n00b!
Player1: Too bad nub.
#b00m #soldier #front #cod4 #cod #call #of #duty #guns #headshot #omg #wtf #n00b #noob
ayon kay N0 h43dsh0ts pl0x ika-08 ng Enero, 2009
an explosion of excitement or a taunt boasting- JoeL_b00m
1.Ha ha ha b00m In the face! 2. b00m how do you like them apples!
#b00m #joel_b00m #call of duty #halo #ha ha #gaming
ayon kay JoeL b00m ika-05 ng Agosto, 2011
A bull cut, a bad haricut
a bad bullcut, homemade
ayon kay Anonymous ika-07 ng Oktubre, 2003
Some kid with no job that mooches off his parents hard labor so he can sleep until 1:00pm EST play in the hot tub or waste time not looking for a job on irc.
b00m get a fucking job.
ayon kay Emmanuel Goldstein ika-23 ng Setyembre, 2003
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