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1) To have sex with someone.
2) A loud noise.
Do not get the two confused.
1) I banged a right fit bird last night!
2) Did you hear that bang last night?
ayon kay Anon. ika-03 ng Oktubre, 2003
3464 757
slang for sexual intercourse. Likely originated from the banging between the front of the male's thighs and the woman's buttocks when she is mounted from behind (submissive position).There is a degree of male aggression in this position. The male leads, and the penis goes in and out of the vagina with force
He banged her
ayon kay j.j.j. ika-09 ng Enero, 2004
2196 879
to have sex with someone, to hit up, to fuck
Dude, I just got finished banging your mom
ayon kay Anonymous ika-25 ng Oktubre, 2003
1562 757
1. The part of your hair that covers your forehead.

2. To have sex with.
1. She is growing out her bangs.

2. He bangs her all the time.
ayon kay teresa ika-12 ng Pebrero, 2004
674 156
Something Ricky Martin claims his "women" do. (We all question you on this one Ricky)
She bangs...she bangs...
ayon kay Jacomba ika-27 ng Pebrero, 2004
738 287
1.a lound noise associated with a gun shot. introduce a drug into your system intraveinously
3. to fuck
1. did you hear that lound bang?
2.wanna bang some speed?
3.i bang-(ed) her friend sue
ayon kay spitniferous ika-14 ng Oktubre, 2003
1137 797
"to have sex"/"to fuck"
I banged the hell out of Mike last night!
ayon kay les ika-23 ng Oktubre, 2003
954 644